Our Tips For all Your Roadside Issues

How To Change a Flat Tire?

Make sure the car is positioned so that there is no danger of you being hit by passing traffic. Use a safety vest, warning triangle and four light blinkers to make yourself as visible as possible.
Make sure an automatic shift it is in “park”, a manual shift is in first and that the hand brake is engaged.

Position the jack carefully to avoid injury and/or damage to the car. Before you jack up the car use the wrench to open each of the nuts holding the flat tire in place half a turn anticlockwise. Once the flat tire is lifted far enough undo all nuts, remove it and place the spare tire in its place. Screw the nuts back into place and lock each one securely by stepping on the wrench after lowering the car all the way down.

How to Jump Start a Car?

If your car’s battery died and you have at your disposal jumper cables and a vehicle with a charged battery here’s how you can jump start it:
Position the vehicles so that the jumper cables will cover the distance between the charged battery and the dead one, leave the engine of the car with the charged battery running.
Connect one cable from the negative (-) terminal of the charged battery to the negative cable of the dead battery and then connect the other cable from one positive (+) terminal to the other.
Rev up the engine of the car with the charged battery and start the engine of the car with the dead battery as you would normally.
Finally, disconnect the jumper cables and you’re done!