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Tips to Avoid Common Towing Scams

Expert Tips to Avoid Common Towing Scams

Tow truck companies are an essential service for drivers across the world. The majority of businesses operating today are professional, ethical and trustworthy — but what about the minority? Falling prey to a scammer after you’ve been involved in a … Read more

What to Do in Case of a Total Loss Accident?

Do you know in case of a total accident? Rocket Towing is a professional, certified towing company, Serving the Oakland, CA area. If you need your car to be towed away, we specialize in emergency towing and accident removal. Whenever … Read more

How to Jump Start Your Car

In this short step-by-step video you may learn how to jump start your battery by yourself. Still having problems? just call us 24/7 (510) 228-0842

choose a reliable Towing Company

How to choose a reliable Towing Company

In this easy step-by-step video you can learn How to choose a reliable Towing Company which will give you the best & fastest possible service whenever you’ll need it.

how to change a flat tire

How to Change a Flat Tire

Ever needed to change a flat tire and didn’t really knew how? Search no more – In this short step-by-step tutorial video you will learn how to Change a Flat Tire easily and efficiently.

Safe Driving Tips

Rocket Towing offers you several Safe Driving tips in order to help you avoid any sort of Car accidents.