24/7 Flatbed Towing Experts in Oakland CA

No matter the circumstances under which you have to get your car towed – you’ll want it to remain safe and well looked after as if you were doing the towing yourself and had nothing else better to do. Rocket Towing is the best choice when it comes to towing your car. We perform our services with the cooperation of an independently owned and licensed tow truck operators.

Using flatbed tow trucks is without doubt one of the best ways to tow as its benefits are clear and in no way trivial:
•More secure: professional flatbed towing allows your car to be towed away without making any contact whatsoever with the road during the ride. As our tow truck will hit the road you won’t have to worry about road conditions damaging your car, accumulating mileage, etc.
•More convenient: while flatbed towing is definitely more convenient for some cars it is absolutely essential for others, such as lower vehicles, motorcycles, cars in shape that doesn’t allow for regular towing, etc.

Flatbed Towing With Rocket Towing

Wherever you’ll need us – our professional teams will meet you there within a short time after placing the call. Upon contacting us, our roadside emergency response team will promptly arrive at the spot, position our flatbed tow truck while ensuring your and your vehicle’s safety above all else, safely and slowly hoist your car and lift it onto our ramps, securely fasten it to ensure its safety during the ride and get it to where you need it to be saving your car unnecessary damage and saving you from several skipped heartbeats.

Rocket Towing – More Than Just Towing

Since our entire team is comprised of trained professionals who simply love what they’re doing we’re able to provide you with top notch additional services to meet any and every roadside assistance need you might have:

  • Local towing
  • Dolly towing
  • Recovery services
  • Flat tires
  • Car lockouts
  • Out of gas situations
  • Car battery jump starts
  • Car battery replacements
  • All towing services
  • And much more

So, no matter what kind of roadside assistance you might need, or which towing service you might ask for Rocket Towing Oakland is waiting for you – anywhere you need us, anytime of day – let our devoted professionals do what they’re best at – taking care of your car!