About Rocket Towing in Oakland CA

Towing Oakland
Rocket Towing was established with the intention on being Oakland’s most trusted towing and roadside assistance company. We perform our services with the cooperation of an independently owned and licensed tow truck operators.When a roadside emergency takes place, we’ll be there rapidly to help get you safely on your way. Our reputation was built around customer care and 24/7 accessibility. We know how crucial each second counts and make it our priority to arrive ahead of time. We’ve been successful in assembling the best roadside crew in California. Each Rocket Towing team member has years of experience delivering top notch results.

24HR Comprehensive Towing & Roadside Services

Are you seeking a professional long distance towing company? Look no further than to the expert roadside technicians at Towing Oakland. Long distance towing requires skill and patience to safely bring your vehicle to the required destination in a timely manner. Whether you’re looking to get across the city or beyond, you can rely on us to get your vehicle there safely. You won’t have to miss school or take a day off from work, since we’ll schedule a convenient pickup time and date. Please call us for a full list of rates, which by the way, are very affordable. Out of pocket expenses can be a burden, but your insurance provider might have you fully covered for the charges. You may also be reimbursed for the total amount of miles traveled. Make sure you consult with your local roadside insurance provider for further details.

Professional Tow with Flatbed Tow Trucks

Our motorcycle towing services are the safest of its kind. We take extra good care of your bike as it receives five-star treatment throughout the journey. Rocket Towing is your source for all roadside services. You’ll be impressed with our blistering quick emergency response time. We know what it takes to make a successful company work. Our effort has paid off in dividends as we continue to receive referrals from satisfied customers. You can follow us on Twitter or visit our fan page on Facebook for round the clock company updates and promotions. Don’t settle for anything less than the best! Give us a call today for first class quality services!