24/7 Heavy Duty Towing Solutions in Oakland CA

With heavy duty towing it is essential that it be done by techs who know their stuff. The Tremendous forces involved mean real risk of severe personal injury, even death. Also, extensive damage to the towed vehicle may occur if things are not handled just as they should.

Rocket Towing and an affiliate network of independent towing techs will provide you with quality heavy duty towing services, at highly affordable prices. Our heavy duty towing service is handled by well trained, experienced tow techs using modern, perfectly maintained heavy duty tow trucks.

When is Heavy Duty Towing Called for

What characterizes heavy duty towing is the weight and / or size of the vehicle towed, these are vehicles which just cannot be towed using regular rigs and methods. Among vehicles which require heavy duty towing are RVs, trucks, minibuses and mobile homes.

Not all towing companies are equipped to handle heavy duty towing. At Rocket Towing we make it a point to be able to provide the local community with any type of towing service required, heavy duty towing included. To this end we not only have heavy duty tow trucks among our extensive fleet but we also make certain they are manned with top of the field professionals.

Rocket Towing Oakland – No Room for Error

Although this may be true to any type of towing it is especially so when heavy duty towing is concerned.
The strain exerted on wire cables, chains and winches as well as on parts of the towed vehicle is so great that mistakes may very well have catastrophic results.
Rocket Towing tow techs know how to tackle any heavy duty towing challenge, they also know how important it is to focus and do everything just as it should be done.

Comprehensive Towing Services Must Include Heavy Duty Towing

At Rocket Towing Oakland we are dedicated to providing any and all types of towing and roadside assistance services, this naturally includes heavy duty towing.
Heavy duty towing is undoubtedly challenging, adequate equipment and a highly qualified personnel is called for. We are set to provide you with all that, 24/7, complete with the fastest response times and honest billing.

The towing services we provide include:
• Heavy duty towing
• Medium and light duty towing
• Local and long distance towing
• Emergency towing
• Motorcycle towing
• Flatbed towing
• Any other auto towing service