Expert Tips to Avoid Common Towing Scams

Tow truck companies are an essential service for drivers across the world. The majority of businesses operating today are professional, ethical and trustworthy — but what about the minority?

Falling prey to a scammer after you’ve been involved in a road traffic accident, blown a tire or run out of gas makes the whole frustrating situation far worse. You can find yourself severely out of pocket, not to mention left blaming yourself.

Spotting scammers might not be easy, but the following pro tips will help you avoid common towing scams next time you need professional help.

Never accept help from a ‘passing’ tow truck

It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that a tow truck driver may just happen to pass by while you’re sitting beside your broken-down car.

However, in most cases, the operator may be looking to scam you. Unscrupulous tow truck drivers monitor police frequencies and head out to scenes to take advantage. They may act as if they’re just in the area, but they’re actually preying on your vulnerability.

Needless to say, their fees will be far higher than those quoted by reputable companies.

Only accept help from a driver yourself or the police have contacted. Ask for ID and call the business to confirm their name if necessary.

Be strong, be firm

If a tow truck operator arrives without being called, never let them take your vehicle away. Stand your ground and call the police if they continue to remove your car / truck without permission.

This should be enough to scare them off. If not, try to photograph or film them, but remove yourself from the situation if you fear for your safety.

Do your research

Every driver should have the number of their local towing company stored in their phone for future reference. You never know when you may need to call for help, and it’s best to know you have a reputable tow truck driver on route to you in an emergency.

Look into local towing companies’ online presence and reputation. Do they have a well-made website? Are there plenty of solid reviews on their social media or in Google’s result pages?

If a business has little or no online reputation, that could be a red flag. Ask friends or family-members for recommendations too, if need be.

Decide on a price in advance

If you know your insurance is unlikely to cover the cost of the towing service, make sure you agree on a price with your driver upfront.

Reputable towing firms will provide you with an honest quote when you call, with no hidden charges or extras added on later. Be sure to check any small print before you sign off, to protect yourself against additional fees.

Otherwise, you could be agreeing to pay a lot of money without realizing until it’s too late!

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